Phase One H20 Hasselblad V fit Digital Back

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Phase One H20 Hasselblad V fit 16MP Digital Back

Phase One H20 Digital back for Hasselblad V series fitment, no adapter plate required for the V series Cameras. The H20 mounts easily on the Hasselblad 555ELD, as well as the Hasselblad 501CM, 503CW, Hasselblad 500c/m, and 553ELX.

This back can also be used with other medium format camera systems such as Mamiya RZ series (using a V fit adapter plate), Mamiya RB series (with a adapter plate), Fuji gx680 (with a adapter plate).

This is a tethered back so it needs to be connected to a computer using a Firewire Cable and Phase One Capture One software is required to shoot with this back.

The H20 still produces respactable images, previously used in a studio to shoot Food and Products. The studio still uses another H20 and H10 back.

As you can see in the images, the back shows some signs of use on the body, this is expected for a workhorse like this. The sensor is clean, no marks or smears. It still functions 100% and captures beautiful images.

Example image provided here with a 100% crop, this back still capture extremely sharp images and beautiful colours. Still has plenty of life and it is suited for studio use. Whether you use it for portraits or food photography, it will not let you down.

For sale is the digital back and metal body cover (genuine Phase One).

The back requires a sync cable to sync with the camera body and a firewire cable (not provided, the camera in the images is not included in the sale either).

Red car image is taken on the H20 back. Full resolution sample images here:

Shipping to Mainland UK only. Collection in person welcome.

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